Quality Childcare at 
HMS Collingwood 
Job Description - Nursery Practitioner 
Key Responsibilities: 
* To demonstrate and promote the Woodentots H.E.A.R.T values at all times. 
* To follow all policies, procedures and processes necessary to ensure the children’s safety, security and wellbeing. 
* To learn about and adhere to the EYFS Statutory Framework requirements and Ofsted regulations. 
* To be professional, polite and positive in interactions with children, parents, team members and the wider community. 
* To be reliable and demonstrate good attendance, to ensure continuity of care for children, colleagues and families. 
* To treat all matters as confidential that relate to the children, their families and the nursery. 
Home from Home 
1. To work with colleagues to ensure a safe, clean, tidy and welcoming room by completing appropriate daily duties. 
2. To encourage the good health of children and offering appropriate support when they are unwell. 
3. To lead mealtimes, encouraging table manners, healthy eating and ensuring individual dietary requirements are met. 
4. To promote personal routines which support children’s care and physical health e.g., exercise, nutrition and oral health. 
5. To support children’s emotional wellbeing in line with their age, developmental stage and positive behaviour strategies. 
6. To welcome new key children to room and prepare key children for their transition to the next room. 
1. To gain knowledge of the curriculum, supporting the team in its implementation, indoors and outdoors. 
2. To learn about activities that are holistic and support the curriculum and cover the EYFS Education Programmes. 
3. To learn how to teach, support and extend children’s knowledge and skills, particularly their language skills. 
4. To learn how to set up the learning environment to meet the children’s individual interests, needs and learning. 
5. To learn about formative and summative assessments, using observations and data to inform the assessment cycle. 
6. To learn about the appropriate support needed when children need extra help in their learning and development. 
1. To follow the safeguarding and child protection procedures to keep all children safe. 
2. To adhere to all health and safety policies, such as outings procedures and emergency drills. 
3. To learn about the EYFS statutory framework and ensure compliance with all aspects. 
4. To inform the qualified team of any accident or injury and gain a paediatric first aid certificate. 
5. To support the qualified team in carrying out risk assessments as necessary. 
6. To contribute towards the current targets set for the room, as identified in the nursery development plan. 
1. To show warmth, care, happiness and sensitivity when interacting and engaging with the children. 
2. To ensure key children are championed and thought about, encouraging their confidence and independence. 
3. To learn about the expected level of customer service and build professional working relationships with parents. 
4. To learn about the methods used to communicate with parents and begin to carry this out independently when ready. 
5. To learn about the assessment cycle and work alongside the team to prepare for and carry out parent consultations. 
6. To support the team in planning and participating in WPSA events. 
1. To maintain effective communication and support the wider staff team, covering holidays or absences in other rooms. 
2. To ensure own suitability to work with Early Years children, in line with EYFS statutory requirements. 
3. To attend supervisions to reflect on own performance in the care, teaching and safeguarding of children. 
4. To attend ‘in house’ training and other mandatory training necessary as part of apprenticeship. 
5. To be reliable with excellent attendance and keep up to date with work and targets set by training provider. 
6. To attend room meetings and support colleagues by contributing equally to the workload of the room. 
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