Quality Childcare at 
HMS Collingwood 
Age Range: Around 36 - 60 months 
The Preschool caters for up to 32 children during the year before they leave for school. The Preschool is a free-flowing, continuous provision that enables each child to access a number of fun and exciting areas, carefully selected to suit this important stage of development. We provide a balanced provision of adult supported learning and play experiences.  
The Preschool room includes complexity and challenge, with the aim of encouraging children's initiative and the development of their skills. We support the development and consolidation of these skills and concepts by giving them the time and opportunities to make sense of their world, grow in confidence, and for them to believe in themselves as capable and powerful learners. 
School Readiness Programme 
Outdoor Space 
One Adult to  
Eight Children 
We believe our children strive in an environment where they have first hand experiences of the world around them. Our planning is based on the interests of the children, encouraging children to work towards the Early Learning Goals, as identified by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). It is our aim to maintain and develop the enthusiasm and joy for learning shown by young children, encouraging their confidence and a positive attitude to learning. 
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