Quality Childcare at 
HMS Collingwood 
Age Range: Around 26 - 39 months 
The Investigators caters for up to 24 children, it is light and airy and has direct access to a dedicated outdoor learning space. The room is welcoming and extremely well equipped with educational toys and games, it is a hive of activity, whether the children are baking biscuits, enjoying getting messy with paint or reading stories, it’s all great fun. The children eat all meals together in the dining area, developing their social interaction skills. Most then have a nap after lunch in the cosy sleep room. 
Sleep Room 
Book Corner 
Outdoor Space 
One Carer to  
four children 
The emphasis within The Investigators is learning through play and the children have free choice of a wide range of activities. In this room children are encouraged to become more independent and thrive on interaction with their peers alongside a supportive key person. 
The activities in the The Investigators focus on developing skills such as: 
Communication listening and speaking, enjoying stories, recognising labels 
Independence meal times, toilet training, selecting toys and physical skills 
Co-operation in play taking turns and sharing in small and larger groups 
Creativity through exploratory play, music, free painting and modelling 
Self-Awareness respecting themselves and the needs of others 
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